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Did you know...?
The Car Care Council found that 1 out of 7 vehicles they inspected had at least one belt in need of replacement. 1 out of 10 vehicles needed at least one new hose.

How can I tell if my car may need a belt or hose replaced?
For many drivers, the first sign that a belt needs replacement is a squealing sound when they accelerate or rev the engine. This can indicate that the belt is slipping. A look at the belt may reveal signs of wear. When trying to determine if you need a new hose, take a look at your hoses. If you see any cracks or bulges, it's probably time to replace it.

What are the risks of a worn-out belt or hose?
A worn out belt or hose may malfunction, leaving you stranded! Your belts and hoses typically drive and supply crucial components like the alternator or water pump.

How often should I have my belts and hoses checked?
If your vehicle is 4 years old or has over 60,000 miles, inspection is probably in order. It never hurts to check. Replacing belts and hoses before they go bad is much quicker and more affordable than doing so after they've failed since that usually means a much higher repair bill and more time in the shop for your vehicle. Call (888) 553-7071 or click here and schedule an appointment today!

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